Liverpool Backgammon Club


The 25th Liverpool Backgammon Open will take place 10th - 12 July 2020 at Leo's Casino.


Full details will be announced in due course, but in the meantime we are inviting pre-registration.

The first 80 people to pre-register will be given priority when registration formally opens.

To pre-register, please email the club.

grosvenor-casino-liverpool leo



Liverpool Open Champion 2019: Kev Jones.  

Runner-up: Stephen Drake;  

Losing Semi-finalists: Brian Lever, John Gallagher.

Liver Trophy (Consolation) winner: Steve Bibby;  

Runner-up: Gaz Owen.

Last Chance winner: Dorothy Lee;  

Runner-up: Eric Maillebiau.

1pt Shootout winner: Daniel Molan;  

Runner-up: Christophe Guicheteau.

Doubles winners: Frank Fleming & Liam Weston;  

Runners-up: Marianne Petersen & Lise Nielsen.

Swiss Consolation winner: Pam Wright


For full set of results click  here.  


To read your Swiss and playoff results, read along the row with your name at the start.

Many congratulations to the tournament winners and finalists.